review – pio pio, dilworth (latin american)

pio pio (dilworth)

price: $-$$
rating: * * *

1408 east boulevard
charlotte, nc 28203

do you ever go to a really tiny restaurant not many people know about and leave in fear?  you glance uneasily in the direction of its worrisome location and wonder when the day will come that you’ll be craving that food only to find that the economy has, yet again, robbed you of satisfaction.

yep.  that’s how i feel about pio pio.

located near the now-defunct talley’s in dilworth, it’s easy to understand why.  pio pio is incredibly tiny . . . one of my good friends has a bedroom that’s bigger than this restaurant.  hidden behind juggernauts like brixx pizza and outback steakhouse, it’s almost like that dorky kid you desperately wanted to prevail in a class election.

it’s not fancy food.  it’s not incredibly creative.

it’s just comfort food at its best.

their signature rotisserie chicken is juicy and reliable.  my favorite dish is their breaded chicken with yellow rice and black beans.  the white sauce is a must, and the green sauce is for those with fiery palates (woosaa, now!).  the salad with half an avocado sliced on top is always a winner . . . and don’t get me started on the tostones (plantains).  prior to coming here, i had been searching in vain for a restaurant that offers the starchy green plantains as well as the sweet ripe ones.  winner.

again, this is not anything mind-blowing.  it’s just the only thing that satisfies that particular craving.

if you’re looking for something that gives your stomach a warmfuzzy, try this out instead of your requisite steak and potatoes.

i’ll be surprised if you don’t look over your shoulder in fear as you leave.

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2 Responses to review – pio pio, dilworth (latin american)

  1. godfatherofLunch March 1, 2011 at 10:15 am #

    I enjoyed your review and I agree the chicken at Pio Pio rocks. The only thing I was confused about is the last sentence i’ll be surprised if you don’t look over your shoulder in fear as you leave.” Are you saying it is an unsafe neighborhood or the parking lot seems unsafe. I was not clear on this.

  2. Renee March 1, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    hello! thank you so much for your comment. i apologize for the lack of clarity — i was referring to the “fear” i felt (in jest, of course) at the thought of pio pio not being there the next time i wanted a steaming plate of peruvian style rotisserie chicken (what with the economy, its location, etc.)!

    thanks, again!

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