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6401 morrison boulevard #1b
charlotte, nc 28211

since we began going to bricktops a few years ago, we’ve had some highs and a few lows . . . but we keep going back because the fish tacos are great and the service is immaculate.  this is a classic case of a restaurant with good (but not fabulous) food winning us over with their attention to detail and the fact that some evil slavedriver must be out back with a whip and snarl for the server that fails to refill a water glass promptly.

it’s usually pretty packed with patrons, and the contemporary vibe of the restaurant is clean and chic.  since it’s a pretty large establishment, the noise never seems to overcome the space, so it’s a great place for a date or a working meal.

now, for the food: it’s mostly good.  i say “mostly” because i’ve had the occasional issue with the amount of sodium and the fact that some meat items tend to be overcooked.  they can really kill it with the salt.  for instance, i DO NOT recommend the smoked salmon flatbread, for that very reason.  it was such a letdown, because i LOVE smoked salmon anything.  bagels with lox and a schmear are one of my favorite breakfast meals.  it looks pretty, too.  oh well.  maybe it was the capers, but i eat capers pretty regularly, and i don’t feel they kill a dish with salt . . . i think bricktops should have opted for a less salty, more creamy kind of cheese.  the combination left my mouth dry after three bites.

i do love their fish tacos . . . nice and simple, with a great combo of salty, sweet, and savory.  ask for extra limes!  a hint of fresh lime juice really makes these taste even better.  their frites are delicious . . . but then i haven’t really met a fried potato i didn’t like.

my husband enjoyed his platter of ribs.  the meat was tender and well-flavored.

again, this is a really great restaurant if you’re looking for something reliably good with great service.  don’t go expecting to be wowed by the food, but go for a nice night out that is sure to please just about everyone . . . even that snooty friend of yours with a penchant for complaining!  ;-)

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