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burger company (wesley heights)

price: $-$$
rating: * * *

1500 west morehead street
charlotte, nc 28208

i’ve already done a few reviews of burger joints in charlotte, and i still stand firm in my assertion that the liberty has the best burger in town; however, this sentiment has never stopped me from trying out another contender.  i mean, let’s be honest, burgers are a ubiquitous staple of the american diet, regardless of dietary restrictions.  i’ve tried so many different kinds of burgers: tofu burger, turkey burger, thai peanut and sriracha burger; mushroom burger, kobe beef burger, buffalo chicken burger, etc.  some are excellent, others not so much . . . but i always have a good time eating them!

burger company is in the trendy, up-and-coming neighborhood known as wesley heights, which is a stone’s throw from uptown charlotte.  the building itself is brick, modern, and new, with a cute outdoor patio space on west morehead.  the interior boasts high ceilings, cement floors, and a modern mixture of sports bar and diner/pub.

i know what you’re wondering . . . how’s the food?  it’s pretty good.  i wouldn’t say i was blown away, but burger company has its own unique take on its staple namesake, and they do it well.  the restaurant boasts that it “grinds its own meat daily”, and the ingredients taste fresh and well seasoned.  my chicken breast burger on a whole wheat bun was juicy and flavorful, and the seasoned fries were crispy and hot.

we love us some fried pickles, and while the ones at burger company are a bit on the salty side, they still manage to hit the right notes.

my two favorite items we tried at burger company were the sweet potato waffle fries and my husband’s meatloaf burger.

the waffle fries were crispy, sweet, and perfect.  the meatloaf burger had an amazing array flavors: savory, salty, and sweet.  i love a simple dish that hits many different notes, and this burger was quite close to meeting my lofty demands.

of course, following this meal, my heart had a serious discussion with me.  prior to this lecture with memyselfandi, my husband spent some time with the manager of burger company.  i love it when the manager of an establishment takes the time to talk to lowly food bloggers like us, and she was an absolute gem.  she shared that burger company has the occasional evening of live music, and they also offer free parking for panthers games, which is a definite plus.  the high ceilings and open space are great for boisterous parties and kids, so i strongly suggest it for family dinners.  the prices are also incredibly reasonable, and the food is clean and tasty.

i mean, what more could a burger buff ask for than a unique burger at a good price?

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