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providence cafe (myers park)

price: $$-$$$
rating: * * *

110 perrin place
charlotte, nc 28207

i haven’t been to providence cafe in many years.  as a teenager, i fondly recall going there with my family after seeing my dad perform with the charlotte symphony orchestra.  we’d share a few appetizers and split some desserts after watching him play cello, and it would be a lucky night out for all five of us.

it’s a pretty standard restaurant, and it’s reliable and elegant.  honestly, i’m making it sound like a lexus sedan . . . a good car with a good reputation, but not nearly as exciting as its german competition?  haha.

providence cafe has been in myers park for many years, and its food caters to its location: lots of good meat and poultry dishes, and not so many vegetarian or avant garde choices.

the decor is clean and modern-lite, with an emphasis on both the utilization and absence of lighting fixtures (translation: a bit dark).

the service is usually done well.  this evening was no exception.  the prompt and amiable staff were ready and waiting to take care of us.

the chicken tortilla soup was . . . meh.  it was flavored adequately, but nothing special.

i did thoroughly enjoy our entree: the steak was perfectly cooked, and the swiss chard was delicious.  sometimes, i find that greens are over-salted at restaurants, and it’s always a pleasure to find the exceptions.  the texture of the polenta paired quite nicely with the chard, and the portabella mushrooms were wonderful.  all in all, a very lovely dish . . . one i will definitely try to imitate at home.

our dessert was in the same category as the soup: unremarkable.  not bad, just not so amazing.  i’ve always enjoyed the desserts at providence cafe, so i won’t assume that the “blondies” were any kind of standard bearer.  the cappuccino pie/cake combo is very good, and i remember having to fight for the last forkful when i went to providence cafe as a young girl.  opt for that dessert, and skip out on the blondies.

again, i don’t want to leave the impression i disliked the meal.  i had a lovely time.  the service and the restaurant were beautiful.  our entree was delicious.  this is a successful experience, in my opinion.

providence cafe was, and still is today, a solid restaurant with a warranted reputation.

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